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Business Field

IEG is actively providing consulting and system construction services in Smart Factory Business,
Robot Process Business, NCS-Based Manufacturing and Service, Overseas ODA, and High-tech Education Center Business.

Domestic Education Business

What is Education Solution?

IEG manufactures equipment with educational applications in various fields,
including automation, hydraulics/pneumatics, renewal energy, electrical/electronics, robots,
drones, microprocessors, LEDs, PCs, infrastructure control, and software for the domestic educational institutions and industries.


IEG develops and supplies automation equipment and equipment with educational applications, by utilizing various brands, such as SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, LSIS GM, GT, XGT), AB, ABB, and OMRON.


IEG develops equipment using SMC parts that are widely used in hydraulics and pneumatics. Also it offers basic and applied practice kits, and practice aids for both hydraulics and pneumatics.

New Renewable Energy

IEG is certified as a renewable energy company by the Korea Energy Management Corporation, and provides various practice equipment and applied practice equipment for renewal energy education including solar energy, wind power, fuel cells, and small-scale hydro power generation.


IEG provides industrial robots in partnership with ABB, KUKA and works with Softbank Robotics to supply smart, emotional NAO robots. It also provides various types of intelligent robot system.


IEG provides the drone training kit, called “CoDrone,” which enables the general public to develop drone content such as autonomous movement, jumping drones, drone control devices, and drone control using motion by learning about drone software and aviation science.


We provide multi one-chip practice equipment and varied application practice equipment that are necessary for practicing the basics of microprocessor and C language.


We provide a variety of practice equipment for LED basics and application including LED basics, portable type, lighting dimming control, media façade, measurement of power characteristics of lighting, LED projector control system, and so on.

PC-based Control

We provide various pc-based control practice equipment and application modules such as Smart Lab, a smart learning technical training platform that uses real-time measurement and an MS-embedded OS, and ELVIS II from the National Instruments Corporation.


IEG provides a wide range of software and simulations, including Smart Factory's MES, PLM software, automation software, programming software, LabVIEW, and electrical/electronics circuit simulations..