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Business Field

IEG is actively providing consulting and system construction services in Smart Factory Business,
Robot Process Business, NCS-Based Manufacturing and Service, Overseas ODA, and High-tech Education Center Business.

NCS-Based Manufacturing & Service

What is the National
Competency Standard (NCS)?

IEG develops curriculum and textbooks based on the
National Competency Standards (NCS), which is set up by Korean
government to specify a set of knowledge, skills and attitudes that
are required to perform a particular job in industry. It also provides
training service to improve workforce competence in industry.
IEG's NCS-based solution, which is comprised of four stages, IEG Consulting,
Customized Solution, NCS-based Education Solution, and Customer Support
Service, is optimized for the human resource development in industry.

  • 01IEG Consulting

    3 stages of consulting includes on-site analysis, diagnosis, and solution

  • 02Customized Solution

    Providing an integrated solution for H/W and S/W based on the customer’s needs in technology and business.

  • 03NCS-based Education Solution

    Developing and providing NCS-based curricula and textbooks, and support technical training

  • 04Customer Support Service

    Conducting maintenance and follow up