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Business Field

Educational equipment IEG Co., Ltd. develops and supplies disinfection robots, disinfection gates,
and disinfection software featuring an advanced disinfection system in order to prevent the spread of the virus.


IEG K-Disinfection Solution

Faced with the risk of a domestic mass infection
and overseas inflow infection, we are limited to the level of freedom from
the highly contagious infectious disease only with masks and daily disinfection.
IEG Co., Ltd. offers preemptive disinfection solutions applied with smart AI
technology including disinfection robots, disinfection gates, disinfection software,
and daily disinfection products, etc.

  • 01

    Zero contact disinfection service robot

    Protects our living space safely by preventing virus-generating factors in advance and monitoring the surrounding environment in real time.

  • 02

    AI-based disinfection gate

    The smart AI-based disinfection gate is essential in high-risk facilities and multi-use buildings for the public as it provides clean air, sterilization, and antibacterial functions.

  • 03

    Smart single disinfection gate

    This system complete with facial recognition and a thermal camera effectively controls both the access of people and the virus in spaces where a lot of people enter but with a limited installation area.

  • 04

    Stand-type fever detector

    It is a disinfection product that can easily control and manage the access of people through facial recognition and fever detection with a simple installation.

  • 05

    Daily disinfectants

    Possible to quickly remove harmful germs through the non-irritating daily disinfectants safely on sensitive skin.

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  • Hospital

  • Shopping mall

  • Hotel

  • Concert hall

  • Bank

  • Airport

  • Port

  • Exhibition center / Stadium

  • Subway

  • Train station