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Business Field

IEG is actively providing consulting and system construction services in Smart Factory Business,
Robot Process Business, NCS-Based Manufacturing and Service, Overseas ODA, and High-tech Education Center Business.

Robot Process

What is Robot Process?

The Robot Process Business, made possible with the expansion of
Smart Factory, is a project for improving manufacturing processes
by bringing collaborative robots, double-armed robots,
and automatic transfer robots into manufacturing processes
where such robots have not been used in the past. In collaboration
with global robot companies such as ABB and KUKA, IEG is actively
carrying out projects to improve the productivity and competitiveness of
the manufacturing industry by introducing robots to domestic companies
and manufacturing industries that need to improve automation processes.

Smart Factory Promotion Plan

  • 01On-Site Diagnosis Request

    Requesting company - IEG
  • 02On-Site Diagnosis

    Process Status
    Production System Status

  • 03Establishment of Process Improvement Plan

    Inefficient Process
    Process with Quality Issue

    Requesting company + IEG
  • 04System Design

    Process system
    Production system

    Requesting company + IEG
  • 05Preparation of Business Plan

    Requesting company + IEG
  • 06Submission of Business Plan

    Smart Factory Project Division

    Requesting company
  • 07Upon Confirmation of Government Support

    On-site Improvement

    Requesting company + IEG