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Business Information

IEG exists to contribute to human society and to share abundance through innovative value creation and products and services.


IEG exists to contribute to human society
and share abundance through its innovative
value creation, products and services.

CEO Kim, Chang Il

  • Smart Trend in the 21st Century

    In the 21st century, ICT takes the central stage in upgrading existing products and services, and creating new creative products and services in every industry and company. Since its founding in 2009, IEG has grown to one of the leading educational equipment companies in Korea in a very short time, and currently as a key training equipment provider, supplies quality practice equipment and customized curriculums to high schools, colleges and workforces in technology and engineering.

    By using its accumulated data and know-how, ICT promises to analyze the potential needs of customers and markets and to be a catalyst to lead the new paradigm of the future market.

  • New Growth Momentum

    IEG has secured new growth momentum through the supply of advanced equipment and applications, and the establishment of a education center and educational support that meet the needs of many educational institutions and industry. The company has doubled its export competence as it establishes training centers and provides high-tech equipment in 12 countries in the world. Recently, it received USD 3 Million Export Tower Award, which proves its stability in export infrastructure, and has spearheaded to minimize the gap of technology/knowledge at education and industrial sites at home and abroad.

  • Human Resources or Starting Point for Innovation

    IEG is committed to promoting a sense of ownership through fair treatment based on equal opportunities and capabilities, and encouraging self-development and lifelong education of employees through talent-focus management, building an autonomous and creative working environment, and fostering talented people with excellence and creativity.

  • Thank you for your generous support and interest. We will make every effort to create the IEG that we originally intended. Thank you.