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Business Information

IEG exists to contribute to human society and to share abundance through innovative value creation and products and services.

Management Policy

Management Policy

" Real time & Response time "

IEG changes faster and more flexibly.

IEG has newly declared the vision of “Real time & response time,” to embody the will for future growth and corporate spirit.
IEG will endeavor to promote communication between people, information and technology in real time,
and will continue to lead the change in the future market.

Organizational Culture

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Practice and provide
    customer satisfaction(Customer's
    trust and satisfaction drives IEG)
  • Basic & Honesty

    Be honest and faithful to basics
    (IEG's attitude to achieve the vision of community through trust and belief)
  • Creative Habits

    Cultivate creative habits
    (IEG’s spirit to create creative ideas
    without fear of consequences)
  • Challenge & Self Development

    Practice self-development through
    constant challenges(Passion to
    always be the best)
  • Fun! Fun! Fun!

    Spread happiness and joy!
    (For a happy and
    fun organizational culture)

Management Policy

    Ethical Management

  • 01 Code of Ethics

    We are committed to respecting the basic human rights of all people based on trust and belief, and recognizing the dignity and diversity of individuals through the vision of community, and do not discriminate due to nationality, race, gender or religion.

  • 02 Cultural Environment

    We endeavor to build a sound organizational culture that fosters mutual trust and communication and do not engage in any words or acts that may harm the healthy relationship, such as sexual harassment, financial transactions, or violence.

  • 03 Compliance with Law

    We comply with national and local laws and regulations, respect market competition, and compete in a just manner.

    Trust-based Management

  • 01 Customer Satisfaction

    We always put our customers first, provide products and services that can meet their needs and expectations, and treat them with sincerity and kindness.

  • 02 Pursuit of Happiness

    We strive to improve the quality of life for all our customers, shareholders, and employees through products and services, and help them to lead a happy life.

  • 03 Value Creation

    We seek to create stable profits through sound management activities and raise the value of the company in the market.

    Talent Focus

  • 01 Talent Development

    We try to foster and retain talented people, and provide equal opportunities while treating them fairly according to their ability and performance.

  • 02 Autonomous Environment

    We make efforts to foster creative leaders by creating a working environment where autonomy and creativity are welcomed.

  • 03 Toward Excellence

    We promote the constant and lifelong education of all employees, and support them when such education is deemed necessary to perform their jobs.

    Internal Management

  • 01 Safety First

    We observe safety rules to prevent accidents, and comply with all international standards, relevant laws and internal regulations related to safety.

  • 02 Maintain Transparency

    We accurately record and manage all transactions of the company so that stakeholders (such as shareholders, employees, media and others) can objectively understand business activities, and faithfully disclose key company information as required by law.

  • 03 Code of Business

    We shall strictly separate public and private in all business activities, refrain from disclosing company’s intellectual property or confidential to parties outside the company without prior permission or approval, and protect and respect the intellectual property of the company and others.