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About IEG

“Corporate Identity”The following are IEG CI’s meaning and the values and spirit they embody.

Basic Symbol Mark

The yellow square represents the basic values of a clear and transparent IEG, and the orange rectangle at the bottom represents IEG's corporate will, which reflects IEG's slogan of “Keeping Promises.” EG - E is for Engineering and G is for Group – is a symbol that combines endless challenge and development, and represents the strong will of IEG to leap into the top in the global education market.

Primary Color Palette

  • #ffbe00
  • #f1592a
  • #363c3d

Logo Type

These are the Korean and English logo types of IEG. They use the unique IEG font and they are used to indicate a member of IEG.

  • Logotype Korean

  • Logotype English


The signature of IEG, a combination of its symbol mark and logotype, is used as an important means of communication. The signature cannot be changed arbitrarily as it is a combination of the specific characteristics, proportion, and position of each of the two elements.

  • Logotype Korean

  • Logotype English