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IEG will stay ahead of changes in market environment and future paradigm in order to lead the next-generation megatrends.


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[Software] RobotStudio™ for IRC5

Robot Simulation  


True Offline Programming

· RobotStudio Configures Surrounding Environment of Robot via Robot Programming Simulation so that Problem that can Actually be Occurred is Prevented 

   in Advance. Robot Works Same as Real are Available

· All Trainees in Practice Room can Participate in Practice Education with a few Robots Using RobotStudio

Virtual Robot Technology

· ABB VirtualRobot™ Technology Has Given Many Assists to Engineers in Industrial Sites for Past 10 Years. Knowhow Accumulated so far can be Utilized 

   in Robot Education

Multi Move

· Various Virtual Robots can be Operated from One IRC Controller

CAD Import

· Various Data Files can be Imported to Make Working Environment of Robot.(Format Supported: IGES CAD formats, STEP, VRML,VDAFS, ACIS & CATIA file)

· Data Robot Programmer Can Create Environmental CAD DATA More


· Optimization Available for Work Processing Time related to Actual Work of Robot


· Available for Analysis of Connectivity of Works of Robot & Optimization for Work Space by Altering Robot Layout

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